The Green Sweat Bee

Like little dancing emeralds, Green Sweat Bees (Agapostemon texanus) are one of the small joys of summer we need to search for to enjoy. Occasionally one will show up on a flower as we pass, but they’re uncommon enough it’s always rewarding to observe one. At least where I am, perhaps other places have a greater abundance. For now. The macro scale photos are nearly a decade old now. The micros below are from last summer. Soon afterward I had another one volunteer itself by getting trapped inside my window screen, and it will be shown on the page about plastics, because it was so covered in microscopic shreds from plastic bags it could not walk. It’s just awful.

The last photo above is a slightly different species, I think, or perhaps a different variation of the same. I’m really not sure. Its more olive green colour is represented accurately to what I observed.